For Paypal Integration, please go to Magic Features -> PayPal. First of all you must enable and set up the PayPal module. Instructions on how to set it up are found on this page. After enabling and setting up the module, in order to proceed a payout via PayPal, the current [...]

Wp Social Login Integration

In order to activate this plugin, you must first install WordPress Social Login, then go to Magic Features -> Wp Social Login Integration. Here you will be able to activate the plugin. Here you can change the redirect page for login / register and also assign a WordPress Role and [...]


To enable this feature, go to Magic Features -> Wallet and click on Activate. By enabling this feature, your users can deposit their unpaid referrals in their wallet. They can select a service and an amount to deposit, then they will receive a coupon for that service for that amount, which [...]

Source Details

This Magic Feature allows your users to see more details about their referred users. Simply activate the feature and tick the boxes in each section for which info you want displayed. This information will appear in a new column in a user’s Account Page -> Referrals.

Pushover Notifications

After following the instructions found here and entering the required data: App Token, Admin Personal User Token, URL and URL Title, turn on the magic feature and Save Changes. After this, we will navigate to the Notifications Tab. Here we will have a new column called Mobile Notifications. When creating [...]

Account Custom Tabs

This Magic Feature allows you to create additional tabs in the Account Page. These tabs can not have sub-tabs. After activating the feature, you will need to insert a new slug, label and choose an icon for your new menu Tab. The slug must be unique and based strictly on [...]

Referrer Links

This module enables an affiliate’s name to be masked by creating custom links. Users will no longer avoid links that could benefit a certain affiliate, because they will not be able to know to which affiliate the link belongs to. Referrer Links Limit You can limit the number of links that [...]

Maximum Amount

By activating this module, you can set a maximum amount that can not be passed for a referral. It is a safety limit decided by the Admin for avoiding big referrals that have to be paid. Default Amount Limit Set the default flat amount limit that will be used when [...]

Custom Currencies

This magic feature provides a way for you to add a new currency in your system. You can add real currencies or custom ones. To add a real currency not implemented by default in the system, first insert the Currency Code (USD, EUR, CAD etc.) then add the currency name. [...]