Stripe Payment is not working

Stripe Payment gateway is a very easily to be set. You just follow the next steps: 1. Go to and login with Username and password. 2. After that click on "Dashboard", and then select "Your account" - "Account settings". 3. A popup will appear and You must go to [...]

Coupon Codes not working with Stripe Payment

For recurring subscriptions if the coupon was set to apply the discount just once, it means that it will provide a different price only for the first payment. Stripe and Braintree only accept either 0% or 100% of the price for the initial payment. This means that the discount can not be provided [...]

How Reset Password works?

The Password Reset workflow requires three email notifications to be set up: Reset Password Start Process – ask the user to confirm his request by clicking on a link. Reset Password Request – provides a new generated password once the request is confirmed. Confirm Password Inform – replace the standard [...]

List Access Posts

Display all the posts that a logged user can see or access based on his subscriptions. This will take in consideration all the active levels currently assigned to that user. You can display the post list with only one shortcode which can be set anywhere in your website: [ihc-list-all-access-posts] Specific [...]

Custom Currency

By default, the UMP system comes with the most common currencies that are also supported by the integrated payment gateways. With this module you can set your custom currency with a custom name and symbol. It doesn’t have to be real currency, for example it can be named “Points”. If [...]

Membership Level Badges

Add custom images for each level for a better approach. Be sure that you add images with a proper size and ratio for each level. Once this module is set up and enabled, the standard level display will be replaced by badge images.  For example, on a user's account page [...]

Membership Gifts

Allow your customers to buy “Levels” as gifts which can be then sent to other users or used by themselves. When a level with an assigned gift is purchased, the user will also receive the gift code (one or multiple, depending on how you set it up). Gift Codes – [...]

Levels vs Payments

Restrict each level to be paid only through a specific Payment Gateway. For example, you can provide the Bank Transfer payment option only for specific levels or for an identical level but with a higher price. For each level, you must set which payment gateway will be used. You can [...]