How to set an Inside Locker?

Inside Locker” module is specially built to restrict just part of the content (not the entire Page/Post), such as partial text, images, buttons, forms, videos, etc.

An Inside Locker can show up as a special Box with Login Form inside or nothing instead, completing hide the restricted content which can be very useful for multiple situations

To create an Inside Locker you need to pass through few steps

1. Create an Inside Locker Template

Go to UMP Dashboard -> Inside Lockers  page

  • Add a New Locker or edit one
  • Set the name for a easier identification
  • Choose one of the predefined themes
  • Set what to be displayed inside the Locker box
  • Check the Preview section to see how will show on front-end
  • Save the Inside Locker Template

If you wanna create an Empty/hidden Template just user the Basic Theme and leave the displayed options empty

2. Choose the further restricted content

Just go into your Page/Post content and select the content that should be restricted/hidden by the Inside Locker

download (2)

MP Lockers” red-button for WP Editor will provide you all the options for restricting that selected content

If a Custom Content Builder is used instead of WP Editor that button may not show up. So, you need to switch back on WP Editor workflow.

3. Set desired restrictions

Once you’ve opened the Inside Locker Popup, you can choose for which Level or User type that Content will Show Up or will be Blocked.

If the content is not available for current user, the Locker box will show up instead.

You have to choose one of the available Inside Locker Template from “Choose Locker” dropdown. If no Template available there, check the step 1.

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