I need some style Customization

For each Showcase (Login form, Register Form, Subscription Plan, Account Page) there are some Predefined Templates available once you’ve installed the UMP Plugin. If you still want to change the result after your settings on UMP Dashboard you can accomplish that using the “Custom CSS” box from each Showcase section


There you can set you desired CSS Code that will change the way each showcase will look on the front-end side.

Some minimum CSS Knowledge will be required. Some tips and tricks can be found on :


The main steps are:

  1. Identify the CSS class for the html element that you may need to customize it. More about how to get that can be found here: http://help.wpindeed.com/ultimate-membership-pro/knowledge-base/identify-showcases-structure/
  2. Go on Showcase page from UMP Dashboard and identify the Custom CSS box . Ex: Showcases -> Login Form
  3. Type your custom css code for that specific CSS Class using !important; after each one
  4. Save and clear your Cache system

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