Any Snapshot from another Website can be Migrated into the current Website.

If you’ve stored a backup on your trust hard disk drive, this feature allows you to easily import it and migrate it onto your current WordPress installation! You have full control over what files get migrated, so you can make sure they don’t break the installation, once migration is complete.


The “Migrate” process will overwrite the entire current files and DB Tables with the Snapshot Version. Be sure that you are not loosing anything

The External File used for Restore needs to be a .ZIP file and made with WP SuperBackup or to have the same structure inside.

Be sure that your System has an enough limit for Upload File Size.

1. Migrate Options

Select one of the option and upload the snapshot file and click on “Restore” button.

  • Direct Link (when the Backup file can be accessed directly via URL)
  • File Upload

2. WordPress Options

Some WP Settings are by default excluded from the restored Snapshot to avoid breaking the current WP website.

Other WP Settings can be optional excluded based on Admin desires. Those will not affect the current WP website workflow.


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