New Snapshot

This plugin allows you to back up all your WordPress file immediately, to your own cloud, or on the same server


1. Main Settings

This plugin allows you to back up all your WordPress, as well as non-WP files immediately, to your own cloud, or on the same server

Snapshot Name

Just type a generic name for your Snapshot


Some additional details about the current Snapshot may be useful for further identification

Files to BackUp

You can backup all your Folders&Files including: wp-content folder and subfolders and wp-config file. OR you can choose just few of them. Also, a list with excluded files can be added by spliting the files name with commas.

DataBase BackUp

By Default, you can add All Tables, only Native WP Tables (that are part of the WP system) or only non Native WP Tables (all the other additional tables created into your DB by additional scripts or plugins).

After that, you can exclude each table by deleting from the below list (use the x icon).

When to BackUp

3 main options:

  • Right Now – the BackUp will starts immediately and it will run Once
  • Scheduled – the BackUp will starts on a certain Date and it will run Once
  • Periodically – the BackUp will starts based on Cron and your established Period and it will run unlimited on every Period of Time

History Versions

Means number of Copies (versions) for this Snapshot. Will be kept the latest X Versions.

Snapshot Destination

Pick one of the Saved Destination. If you don’t have one yet, go to “Destinations” tab and create one


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