How to Move or Revoke the License?

If you want to move the license from one website to another all you need to do is to revoke the license first, uninstall the plugin from current website and only after that to activate the plugin on the new website. Once product is activated, you will find the Revoke […]

Binary vs Unilevel Compensation Plan

Binary vs Unilevel Compensation Plan Binary and Unilevel are the two foremost compensation plans used in present-day network marketing industry. Even though two plans possess the same tag “The Pay Plan”, these business models function in an entirely distinct manner. Alike many other compensation plans these plans have their own […]

How to access uploaded files (attachments)?

When an upload field is used, the system stores the file into Media Library and the attachment ID into DB. That “number” is the attachment ID that can be used for using and displaying it. Once you have that attachment ID available you can use it for everything you need. You can […]

Can not activate the License

If you’re not able to activate the license based on your <<Purchase Code>> check if  cURL is enabled and properly set on your server. Also, be sure that your server is able to connect to other servers, such Envato API, and no denied permissions are provided.

How to promote specific Products

This is what your Affiliates will do by going to their account page and generating a referrer code for your product. They can copy the Product link and generate an affiliate link via Account Page->Affiliate Links section. Then they will share this code on social networks, blogs, forums etc. and bring […]

Different time shows for Referrals

If different time shows up for referrals it means that the date of the server on which your website is installed on or/and the DataBase server is on a different Time Zone and needs to be changed. We recommend to get in touch with your hosting provider for a such […]

Assign MLM parent affiliate user

In order to assign a MLM parent to an affiliate user, please go to UAP Dashboard -> Affiliates, go to the affiliate and click on edit.  This is only available for an affiliate that does not have a MLM parent, because this would affect the whole chain. If your user does [...]