Exclude specific products to provide Referrals

To exclude a specific product from providing referrals, follow these steps:

1. Create a new Offer

Go to UAP Dashboard -> Offers and create a new offer and in the offer amount set 0. Establish the date range to determine for how long it will be active, select the products and affiliates for which this offer is valid. If the offer amount is set to 0, this will override the usual amount they would make. For more information on offers read this article.

2. Change Used Referral Amount

Go to UAP Dashboard -> General Options -> General Settings and select LOWEST AMOUNT under the “Which Amount should be used for Referral?“. For more information about this, read this article. It is very important to set this up.

3. Empty Referrals (Optional)

Go to UAP Dashboard -> General Options -> General Settings and scroll down to Empty Referrals and disable it. This means it will not save all the payment information about referrals of 0$. Read this article for more information.

To sum this up, if for example you want to exclude “Product 01” from providing referrals to all of your affiliates, follow these steps: Create a new offer targeting all affiliates, for however long you want, select Product 01 and have it set to 0$. Then go to general options and select lowest amount and disable empty referrals.

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