How to create your own Templates

If you want to customize any of the ULP available templates you can achieve that without affecting any of the plugin files.  So you should not worry about any further updates. Step One Go to indeed-learning-pro/views/templates/ folder and see all the predefined templates available for ULP system. Your templates must [...]

Manage Showcases

In order to access the showcases please go to ULP Dashboard -> Showcases. From this section you can manage already existing Front-End components or create new ones. We’ll have a quick look at all the available options and how you can easily get up to speed with customizing each of […]

Can I add another Payment Gateway or use an external script?

Ultimate Learning Pro has multiple payment gateways included which automatically manage payments and are able to confirm any completed payment on external payment platforms. Each payment gateway is linked to multiple modules. Adding a new payment option is a very complex job, therefore not on option for the customer. External […]

How to identify the showcases structure

If you need to identify the register, login or account page structure for a custom CSS requirement, you can do that by using the available tools of your browser. Firefox We recommend installing the free Firebug developer extension for Firefox. Download the extension and follow the installation instructions. You can [...]

I need some style Customization

For the Account Page showcase there are predefined templates that come with the installation of the ULP plugin. If you want to change them you can do so by using the Custom CSS box found in the section. There you can write your desired CSS code that will change the way each showcase [...]

How to add Categories?

NOTE: This works for Questions, Quizzes, Lessons and finally Courses. In this example we will show for Courses, but it works the same for all of  them. This can be done in two different ways, the first is to go to ULP Dashboard -> Courses -> Course categories as shown in [...]