Special Settings – Quizzes

In this article we will go over some important settings or ones which we think need further clarification, but please note that they are also fully explained on their respective page.


Grade based on can be either Percentage or Points, Passing Grade is a number.

If passing grade is 50, this means that the student must obtain at least 50 points or answer at least 50 percent of the questions.

Reward Points give the students points if they complete the quiz.

Question Order randomizes the order in which the questions appear to your student. If we have the questions “a, b, c, d, e, f” and this option turned on they will appear differently each time like “d, a, f, b, c, e”.

Answer Order is the same as the above when it comes to multiple choice answers. If you have a question with 4 answers to choose from, they will appear in a different order each time.

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