New Version v.6.1 Released

New, fresh and much more stable the new version come with many improvements for all the previous features and modules for a better workflow.

On the same way, we’ve re-design the UMP Dashboard structure, so it will be much easier for everyone to find and set what it needs. New buttons were moved on the right-side of Membership Dashboard and you can access them any time to get some help into your setting stage.

New features Included

Once of the main new feature released was “Members List” providing a new option to show up your Members profiles on public.

Members List is the first step to a Members Directory workflow for Ultimate Membership Pro plugin, providing multiple showcases options as Pagination or Sliding and choosing one of 10 Predefined Templates available

You can choose to show up only users from specific Levels, ordered by specific fields and showing only some data from User profile. There is an “Inside Page” option available that will let you creates individual page for each public member.


Bulk Coupons was a feature requested by many of our customers. Now is available and you can create 10, 100 or unlimited no of coupons with just few clicks.

Also, you can set a prefix for coupons code besides the well known options available for an individual Coupon

  1. Your Site is Your Castle
  2. Extensive APIs
  3. Enterprise Ready
  4. Interoperability
  5. Trust, but Verify

New Notifications

As any premium Membership System, there are available more automatically Email Notifications with custom Templates and customized based on Levels.

Into the new 3.0 version we’ve released two new Notifications:

  1. Admin custom Notifications – for new registered users
  2. Bank Transfer – details for who decided to pay as an offline payment.

As the others Notifications, each email message can be built based on dozens of constants available into Ultimate Membership Pro.

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