Drip Content Main Settings

When creating or editing a page in WordPress, you have the option to release content at regular intervals by creating a schedule for your content with Membership Pro - Drip Content. This can be found in the right hand side of the screen of any page, by default you will [...]

I want to add HTML content inside Email templates

In order to add HTML content inside Email templates, please go to UMP Dashboard -> Notifications and create a new notification or edit an existing one. In the WP text editor switch from visual to text as shown in the screenshot below and add your html content here. Note: Some html [...]

How to set a Trial for my Level

To create a Trial for a level you will need to go to UMP Dashboard -> Levels. Next we will create a new level, in our example we will have the slug: premium_01 and label: Premium. Level Access In this  section set the Access Type to Regular Period and set [...]

Register Redirects+

This feature can be accessed by going to UMP Dashboard -> Magic Features -> Register Redirects+. By activating this option, you will replace the default redirect after register with a custom one based on the user’s assigned level. Below in the Custom Redirections: section you will find all of your […]

Import Users&Levels

This feature can be accessed by going to UMP Dashboard -> Magic Features -> Import Users&Levels. Here you can download the CSV Sample File which you will use to import or update your users’ details. You must keep the columns found in the CSV and respect the structure. Only the [...]

MultiSite Subscriptions

This feature allows you to sell SingleSites through levels. Once a user buys a specific level he will be able to create his own site, and he will become the administrator for that site. It can be activated by going to UMP Dashboard -> Magic Features -> MultiSite Subscriptions. You [...]

Drip Content Notifications

You can activate this feature by going to UMP Dashboard -> Magic Features -> Drip Content Notifications. By activating this feature, your members will be alerted when a new post is released through Drip Content. You can change the delay between notifications and run the script manually.

API Gate

With the help of this feature you can make API calls to access information from UMP for your website. You can generate a hash key, this provides access to the membership system. To activate this feature go to UMP Dashboard -> Magic Features -> API Gate. For each API Call [...]

User Reports

To activate this feature you must go to UMP Dashboard -> Magic Features -> User Reports. After activating and saving, from then on out whenever users take certain actions a history log of those actions will be saved. To access this log go to UMP Dashboard -> Users, in the detail tab [...]

MyCred Points

By activating this feature you can give your users MyCred Points for purchased subscriptions, this is done by integrating MyCred. To do so, please go to UMP Dashboard -> Magic Features -> MyCred Points. Click on the ON button and then Save Changes. After activating, please navigate to the MyCred page. Here you [...]