User cancelled payment, still has access to content?

If a user has registered but cancelled the process right before setting up payment, the user does not have access to paid content. They are however registered as a subscriber.

In fact, here’s a breakdown of exactly everything that happens behind the scenes:

Signup Phase:

  • Upon signup, the user completes his registration and is forwarded to the payment section
  • At this stage, the user is assigned their access level
  • Activation occurs automatically once payment is confirmed during the Confirmation Phase

Confirmation Phase:

  • If you check the Subscription tab, you can verify the payment status of specific levels
  • If the user hasn’t completed the payment, you’ll notice that their status is set to [Hold]
  • At this stage, the user’s WP-Role is set to [Pending] and manual admin activation is required
  • If the payment was not completed, the user’s role is changed to [Subscriber]
  • If a user is demoted to [Subscriber] they can only continue payment with assistance from the admin

In short, as stated above, there’s no real need to worry! Unless the user has completed payment, they are unable to access any paid content for their respective signup level.

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