MultiSite Subscriptions

This feature allows you to sell SingleSites through levels. Once a user buys a specific level he will be able to create his own site, and he will become the administrator for that site.

It can be activated by going to UMP Dashboard -> Extensions -> MultiSite Subscriptions.

You can decide which levels provide SingleSites for your users.

Image 137

Note: If a user has multiple levels that allow him to create a SingleSite, he can create one SingleSite for each level. If a level is about to expire, the SingleSite assigned to it will be deactivated. It will be activated again when the level is also active.

After activating and clicking the Save Changes button, please go to UMP Dashboard -> Showcases -> Account Page. Scroll down to the Menu Tabs, click and activate User Sites.

Image 138

Now the users that have the required levels will be able to create their own sites and maintain them until their subscription expires, once they renew it they regain access to their website.

Image 139

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