Step 3: Restrict Pages/Content

Any content within the WordPress environment can be restricted using the Ultimate Membership Pro system, based on levels and/or a user’s status (registered / unregistered).

1. Restrict WordPress Page

To restrict a certain WordPress page, you simply need to go to the desired page or post and open it for editing. Inside you will find a new box on the right side of the window called Ultimate Membership Pro – Locker

There are two main sections:

  • Restriction – where you can decide to Show Page Only or Block Page Only for a list of levels or a user’s type set below.
  • Action – if the user is not allowed to see the page based on the above condition the user will be redirected by selecting Redirect the Page or will be presented with different content, by selecting Replace Content.

If you choose Replace Content, the content is then restricted and a box for the new content page will show up instead. It’s not recommended to set other restrictions or alternative actions (such as Login, Register, etc) as that additional Content.


2. Restrict specific Content

You can restrict specific content with the help of the Inside Locker module. Click here to learn how to do that.

3. Restrict any Page or URL

You also have the option to restrict any page or URL with the help of the URL Blocks module. For more details about how this can be done, click here.

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