Stripe Checkout Migration

Stripe Connect Payment Service is now available and is coming with complete functionality for Subscriptions (Pause, Resume, Cancel, Change Card) and Instant Payment Confirmations.

You can easily Migrate the Stripe Checkout Payment Service to Stripe Connect without any interaction from the Customer side, by just following the next steps.

1. Setup Stripe Connect Payment Service

Go to UMP Dashboard -> Payment Services -> Stripe Connect and complete the setup process following those guidelines.

2. Turn Off Stripe Checkout Payment Service

Go to UMP Dashboard -> Payment Services -> Stripe Checkout and turn off this payment service using On/Off button.

Inside your Stripe Dashboard go to Developers -> Webhooks and remove the Stripe Checkout Webhook

Important! Be sure that Stripe Connect Webhook has been setup already on Step 1

3. Wait Subscription Renewal Process

When Stripe renews a customer’s subscription Ultimate Membership Pro will migrate everything to Stripe Connect automatically. No action is required from the Customer or Merchant side.

Once this is done, the Customer will be able to Pause/Resume or Change the Card for his Subscription, even if this one has been initially created via Stripe Checkout Payment Service.