You can activate this option to take place in your membership system. You can set a default tax or a specific one for each Country and/or State (only for certain countries).

You also have the option to manage multiple taxes for each country. For example, you can have VAT, Shipping and Income taxes applied together.

All taxes are set in percentages (%).

Show Tax details

Display tax name and amount in the register process if the Show Level Price & Data On Register Form option from the Register Form is enabled.

You can set a default label and a default tax by filling in their respective fields or if you click the Add New Tax button you can create specific taxes which can be applied to every location (ex: you have the same shipping tax for everywhere) or only to a certain country and/or state).

Add Custom Tax


The tax label will be displayed on the frontend (users will see this).

For special countries, you can set the state code for a specific tax available only for that state.

For proper functionality, the ihc_country and ihc_state special fields have to be enabled in the Register Form -> Custom Fields.

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