How to activate Double Email Verification?

For newly registered users you can request an email verification before they are granted access to the system.

To enable this feature you need to follow a few steps:

1. Enable Double Email Verification

First you need to enable this feature and choose the subscription destination from the register form settings (UMP Dashboard -> Showcases -> Register Form).

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2. Activate Notifications

Under the UMP Dashboard -> Notifications tab you have two main notification types available:

  • Double E-mail Verification Request
  • Double E-mail Verification Validated

These notifications are available by default. For request notifications the {verify_email_address_link} needs to be included in the email message.

3. Additional Settings

On the UMP Dashboard -> General Options -> E-mail Verification page you can define when the verification link will expire, and whether the unapproved user will be automatically deleted or not.

Within the Users tab you can see each user’s email verification status and as an admin you can manually approve them.

The user’s statuses are:

  • Unapproved – The email verification was requested but not verified yet.
  • Verified – The email verification was requested and the user’s email was verified.
  • Unverified – The email verification wasn’t requested.
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