How to Restrict any Post/Page?

Any page or post (even custom post type) can be restricted with the Ultimate Membership Pro system.

The admin user has special privileges and can see any page, even if restricted. For proper testing use another account or a fresh browser window.

Edit any page and a special red-box on the right side will show up: Ultimate Membership Pro – Locker.

  • You can decide if you want to set Show Page Only or Block Page Only for certain levels.
  • You can add multiple levels / user types that will follow the restriction.
  • If a user cannot see a restricted page, they can be redirected to a certain page or be shown replaced content.

If you select to Replace the Content, an additional WP Editor box will show up. Here you can set up what content will appear for users that are not allowed to see the real content page.

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Only active levels are taken in consideration for the restriction process. If a page is set to Show Page Only for a certain level and user “John” has that level assigned but it is not active (hold or expire), the page will not show up.

The restricted page will be noted in the pages list for better management.

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