How to set a Trial for my Level

To create a Trial for a level you will need to go to UMP Dashboard -> Levels. Next we will create a new level, in our example we will have the slug: premium_01 and label: Premium.

Level Access

In this  section set the Access Type to Regular Period and set up your own duration.

Image 143

Billing Options

Next we will take a look at the billing options and what to set.

Payment Type: Payment

Level Price: you choose how much it costs

Billing Recurrences: On Going

Trial Period Price: you can set it to 0 to make the trial free, otherwise set up your custom amount.

Trial Period Type: here you will have two options Certain Period and Couple cycles subscription payments. With certain period you can choose how long this trial will last, you can pick from days, weeks, months, years. With the second option you can choose how many bill cycles have the trial period price after which the following ones use the level price.


For a Period of 2 weeks with the Level Price of 25$, Trial Period Price of 10$, Trial Period Type set to Couple cycles subscription payments and Trial Couple Cycles set to 1, the following will happen:

Your users will pay 10$ for the first 2 weeks, after which they will be charged with 25$ every two weeks.

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