WooCommerce Payment Integration

Extend Ultimate Membership Pro system with extra features and functionality. Check for available Extensions here

This module will help you sell levels / subscriptions as Woo products. All the options and features available for the WooCommerce system, including third party payment gateways are available.

With this module UMP will track all the orders from Woo that include assigned products. Once the order is set as completed (the product was paid), the user will receive the new, or updated, level / subscription in his UMP “Account Page”.

Enable the Module

Simply head to UMP Dashboard -> Extensions -> WooCommerce Payment Integration and set the button to On. There you will also see all the products and level assignments.


Assign a Product with a Level

When you add or edit a Woo product you will see a new tab in Product data called: Ultimate Membership Pro Options.

Simply link the product with an available level / subscription. Upon completing the purchase of your product, the user will also receive the linked level / subscription.

This is the only required option in order to link your Woo product to a UMP level / subscription. Additional settings for that product may help you create a better workflow (ex: setting the order to automatically completed), but these are not mandatory.


To receive a level that is assigned to a woocommerce product,  user has to be logged or to register during the Woo Checkout process.

Because the selling process is managed via Woo and not by UMP, this module will not be able to set up automatic charging for recurring subscriptions. There are new reminder notifications that can be set remind the customer about his subscription period and provide him the option to buy the product again for a new subscription period.

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