User cancelled payment, still has access to content?

If a user has registered but cancelled the process right before setting up payment, the user does not have access to paid content. They are however registered as a subscriber. In fact, here’s a breakdown of exactly everything that happens behind the scenes: Signup Phase: Upon signup, the user completes […]

Known Compatibility Issues

If you have installed our plugin and it’s not behaving as expected, this can be due to a number of reasons including some known compatibility issues with third party plugins. To help troubleshoot, we recommend taking the following steps: Deactivate Jetpack as it may cause some issues. Deactivate any third [...]

Notifications do not work, please help!

The plugin comes with a few example notifications, but due to the vast number of different scenarios it was impossible to include them all by default. We recommend creating notifications catered to your specific needs by using one of the examples as a template. If your notifications are not sent, [...]