Custom Special Fields

Custom Special Fields – are used by the system to accomplish certain special features and are provided by default. They can not be deleted or added by the website admin.

  • ihc_avatar – provides a special avatar option in the forms where users can upload their avatar image.
  • ihc_coupon – is a special input field that provides the option for users to insert a coupon code for discounts. If there are no coupons set in the system, this field will not show up.
  • ihc_social_media –  provides the perfect way to link users’ WP accounts to their social accounts for an easier login approach. If there is no social login option activated this field will not show up.
  • payment_select – provides a way for your users to select which payment gateway to use for their payments. More than one payment gateway needs to be active for this field to show up.
  • ihc_invitation_code_field – is a special input field that requires an invitiation code in order to allow the user to register in the system. If the Invitation Code module is disabled or there are no invitation codes, then this field will not show up.
  • ihc_dynamic_price – allows your users to choose the price they will pay for all subscription levels and/or specific levels. You can set up the minimum and maximum price. If the Level Dynamic Price module is disabled, this field will not show up. If the module is disabled for a certain level, then users that have selected that level will not see this field. For the time being, ihc_dynamic_price is only available during the Register step.

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