Stripe Connect – Setup Documentation

Stripe Connect Payment Service

Using Stripe Connect payment service Members will complete the payment process without leaving the current website. Also, they may update their Credit Cards credentials anytime from My Account page.

In order to use Stripe Connect payment service you must have a Stripe Account. You can easily have a Live and Test mode setup into your Stripe Account.

Your Stripe Account must be verified in order to accept charges. Be sure that Business Requirements are accomplished.

Stripe Connect Capabilities

  • One-Time Payments
  • Recurring onGoing Subscriptions
  • Recurring Limited Subscriptions
  • Free Trial/Initial Payment
  • Use previous Saved Cards
  • Cancel Recurring Subscriptions
  • Pause Recurring Subscriptions
  • Resume Recurring Subscriptions
  • Refunds
  • Change Credit Card for Recurring Subscription
  • Credit Card Expiring Notifications Reminders

1. Activate Stripe Connect Payment Service

Go to UMP Dashboard -> Payment Services -> Stripe Connect and enable this payment Service with On/Off Button.

2. Connect with Stripe Account

First, Choose how you wish to setup Stripe Connect on your website. In Test Mode you can use test credentials to see how the payment process works without transferring real money.

After that Click on Connect with Stripe blue button.

Once that you will be taken to Stripe website where you can log into your existent Stripe Account if you have one or create a new account.

After you’ve finished the Connect process you will be redirected back to your Website and you will be informed if your Account is connected or not.

3. Activate your Stripe Account if is necessary

If your Stripe Account is not Activated, you will not be able to manage Online payments and charge your customers.

Stripe will notify you about your state. Please follow Stripe instructions and complete all required steps.

If your Stripe Account is already activated, ignore this step.

4. Choose Default Stripe API Version

Be sure you are running under latest API Version. To check that go to Developers -> Overview and look for API Version section.

Your API Version must have the Latest and Default tags. If your default API is not the Latest also, please update it.

5. Setup Stripe Webhook

In order your website to be notified when Stripe charge a customer for single or recurring Subscriptions you must add a specific Endpoint/Webhook into your Stripe Account.

Otherwise, Members will not have their Orders Completed and Memberships Activated automatically.

1. To Add a new Webhook Endpoint into your Stripe Account, in your Stripe Dashboard go to Developers -> Webhooks.

2.  Click on Add endpoint (top-right section)

3.  Fill the Endpoint URL with URL provided inside Your UMP Dashboard

The Endpoint URL should looks like that: . Keep in mind that this is an example, you must use the URL provided inside UMP Dashboard based on your website URL

4. Choose Version – be sure that you are using the latest API version

5. Complete Select events to listen to by choosing all events from categories:

  • Charge
  • Customer
  • Invoice
  • Subscription Schedule

You should setup the same Webhook for each Mode, Life and Test Mode.

Keep in mind that Stripe Webhook will work only on live websites and not on local environments.

6. Additional Settings

1. Payment via Saved Cards – allow returning customers to use one of already used credit cards without filling again all card credentials. Keep in mind that Cards are NOT stored on your website but are handled and provided directly by Stripe

2.  Statement Descriptor – a short description up to 22 characters that will show up on bank statement for your customers. If nothing is filled UMP will use the website Blogname.

7. Stripe Fees

Stripe does not charge fixed monthly or annual fees when using their payment service.

Stripe has different pricing based on your region. In US, for example, it charges 2.9% + $0.3 fee per transaction. Check the Stripe Pricing page for more details on fees in your country

Using the Stripe Connect payment service an additional 1% application fee is charged for payment processing and is used to support the Connect server. For Stripe Checkout payment service no application fee is applied.

8. Gateway Benefits

Stripe payment platform is the most preferred in Ultimate Membership Pro, being the faster and easily way to process online payments. That’s why Ultimate Membership Pro has developed two Stripe integrations, Stripe Checkout and Stripe Connect.

Besides the fact that is much easier to setup without requesting to manually copy-paste the API keys, the Stripe Connect payment service is much more secure and fraud-proof.

This payment integration allows customers to make online payments without leaving your site. Onsite payments mean fewer pages, the fewer pages required to complete a sale, the greater the chances the sale will happen.

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