Memberships Plus

Restrict the purchase of a membership if the user hasn’t purchased any memberships yet, or has already purchased certain memberships. Users that do not meet the required conditions will no longer see the level in the Subscription Plan.

With this module you can prevent a level from being bought twice (for example) or you can set up a requirement for an initial purchase to be made in order to unlock other memberships.

User “Smith” has never purchased any memberships. In his Subscription Plan he sees memberships “Basic 01” and “Basic 02”. Memberships “Premium 01” and “Deluxe” will only appear in his Subscription Plan once he makes at least one purchase.

Set Restriction for Membership


Each membership has its own custom restriction that can be enabled or disabled. Restrictions from different memberships do not have to be the same, but they can be depending on what you need.

This restriction will prevent users that meet the selected conditions from purchasing the membership this restriction applies to.

You can select the following users:

  1. Users that have not purchased anything
    • Users that are not registered
    • Users that are registered
  2. Users that have purchased something
    • Here you will find a list of your custom memberships

We can restrict a user that has never registered from purchasing a specific membership, or we can restrict a membership from being purchased if the user has never purchased anything. We can also prevent a user from purchasing “Membership 01” if they have already purchased “Membership 01”.

This module requires that the membership is enabled in the Subscription Plan and it can be managed only by the subscription plan section provided by UMP and not a custom one.

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