WP SuperBackup allows you to easily sync across all files, in just a few minutes. This all happens automatically based on a schedule you define!

Cloud Destinations

Set special Destinations to get access on Cloud Snapshots. The main Cloud Destinations available are:

  • FTP
  • Google Drive
  • DropBox
  • Amazon S3
  • OneDrive

Cloud SnapShots

Once a Cloud Destination is established, the SuperBackUp system will show up all the Snapshots saved on that Cloud Destination(s) on real time.

Any Snapshot can be used for a Cloud Migration and the job is done with 1 Click

Cloud Migration – options

If the SnapShot has more than 1 Version stored, pick one.

If the SnapShot has DB included, select which Tables you wanna be restored

If the SnapShot has Files included, select which Files&Folders you wanna be restored

Some WP Settings are by default excluded from the restored Snapshot to avoid breaking the current WP website.

Other WP Settings can be optional excluded based on Admin desires. Those will not affect the current WP website workflow.


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