Backup doesn’t finished

If the backup started but not finished based on Snapshot status available on “Logs” tab there may be several reasons.

First, check the Admin Logs for detailed infos. More details on:

The main reasons are:

Server stopped the Backup process

Depends of your Sever settings, some processes may be stopped by server side before finish without any warning.

Even if under System tab the execution_time is big enough, sometimes, server works on different limits than are listed.

To check if this is the reason:

Try to start a smaller snapshot, such only Plugins or Themes file or only few DB tables. If a smaller snapshot will finish most probably this is the case you should looking for

To fix that:

Get in touch with your hosting provider to increase the “max_execution_time” and “memory_limit” values.

The Logs percentage should freeze between 10-80%

Corrupted files or DB Tables

If some files are corrupted or can not be read the Backup process may be suddenly stopped and never finish.

To check if this is the reason:

Try to backup only certain Folders (plugins, themes, etc) or certain DB tables.

To fix that:

Use the Excluded Files/Excluded Folders options to proceed the entire backup but without the corrupted file.

The Logs percentage should freeze between 10-50%. Between 10-30% related a DB issue, between 30-50% related files issue.

Destination issue

If the Snapshot is done but not present on Destination, means the backup was completed but not sent to destination for some reason. You can have a double check on “View Logs” popup and try to set again your Destination or switch to another one.

The Logs percentage should freeze between 80-100%

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