Backup other files than are included into wp-content

SuperBackup handles only files that are listed into wp-content files being the only files that should be different from one WP website to another. The WP Core is available on website and is not necessary to be backup. SuperBackup being a WP Plugin can not handle files out of […]

Backup doesn’t finished

If the backup started but not finished based on Snapshot status available on "Logs" tab there may be several reasons. First, check the Admin Logs for detailed infos. More details on: The main reasons are: Server stopped the Backup process Depends of your Sever settings, some processes may be stopped [...]

How to use Debug Logs

If something is not working properly is strongly recommended to check first the Debug Logs for a better investigation General Settings Go to "General Settings" tab and on Debug section choose a deeper log activity tracking, such as "Almost Everything". Save Changes. System Go to System -> Admin Logs page and check [...]

Backup doesn’t start on Run Now

If your backup process is not starting at all and you can not find any updates into the Logs tab about your Snapshot it may be possible to have your cron disabled into your Server/Website Just go to System -> Crons page and check your Cron jobs stage. If on […]


Server Stage A short Overview about your current system is displayed into this section Important:If one of the line has the Red triangle on the right side, means that the current settings requests some attention and investigations. A too restricted Hosting System may creates unexpected crashes or unfinished tasks. Crons [...]

General Settings

Backup Directory Represents the folder inside of wp-content/uploads/ where the System saves and keeps the temporary files durring the main processes. For Double check, you can keep those Temporary Files into that folder. Email Notification Decides if and when the System owner is notified via Email. Clean Up Just Clean [...]


WP SuperBackup supports a plethora of cloud services, including but not limited to your own (s)FTP accounts, Google Drive, Dropbox etc 1. Local Set the full path of your desire destination folder. Be sure that the selected Folder have all the Write Permissions Should be a folder inside the wp-content [...]


WP SuperBackup allows you to easily sync across all files, in just a few minutes. This all happens automatically based on a schedule you define! Cloud Destinations Set special Destinations to get access on Cloud Snapshots. The main Cloud Destinations available are: FTP Google Drive DropBox Amazon S3 OneDrive [...]


Any Snapshot from another Website can be Migrated into the current Website. If you've stored a backup on your trust hard disk drive, this feature allows you to easily import it and migrate it onto your current WordPress installation! You have full control over what files get migrated, so you [...]


Any Snapshot of current Website can be restored very easly or you can use an External File or Link Important The "Restore" process will overwrite the entire current files and DB Tables with the Snapshot Version. Be sure that you are not loosing anything The External File used for Restore [...]